Try a True Caffe Mocha At Home

Coffee and chocolate are a heavenly match that truly satisfies our taste buds. When it comes to their mixture, everything feels to be as perfect as our expectations. That is why trying the taste of a true Caffe Mocha remains in the wish list of people all over the world. 

A true Caffè Mocha can be easily made at home and you can revamp your mood and feelings perfectly. Although there is no stone-set recipe made to make Caffe Mocha, you can personalize it in any way and get the superefficient essence. Let’s talk about the recipe usually, people opt for making Caffe Mocha at home! 

Recipe to Make Caffe Mocha

Caffe Mocha needs 3 basic ingredients such as Milk, Coffee, and Chocolate. The rest of the things can be customized as per the preference of the people. Then move to the making part.

Step 1: Coffee Fill

  • First, fill the mug with espresso or coffee for about 30-40ml. 
  • You can use super-automatic espresso machines to add the decoction to the strength of the coffee fill. Otherwise, you can add 3-4 tsp of coffee. 

Step 2: Chocolate Fill

Now, it’s time to fill the pot with Chocolate. 

  • In case you are using Hershey’s chocolate syrup, you can proceed to splurge it. 
  • For Cocoa powder, you need to mix it with hot water and thereby make a thin and smooth paste out of it. 
  • If your convenience is with Lindt, it is suggested to put 5-6 blocks into the mug and keep it in the microwave for some time. 

Step 3: Milk Fill 

The final step is to add milk to the mixture. 

  • You can add steamed milk. You can also top off with the milk froth. 
  • In case it’s not possible to use the frothier, then also no need to worry. A true Caffe Mocha will say the milk froth as per the individual preferences. 
  • You can also use full cream or Soya or Almond mil to have a thick texture. 

It is suggested that use the milk amount that can give you the true taste of mocha and avoid turning the mixture into a milky one.  

Now you can give different shapes as well on the top of the Mocha to express your feelings. Hope this easy process will help you to get delicious Mocha only at your home comfort.

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