The Truth about the Impact of Drinking Water on Weight Loss and How a Drinking Water Filtration System Helps

You might have heard of several diet techniques. Some of them work, but others fail. If you have tried some of them and you didn’t see positive changes, it could be frustrating. Perhaps, you need to try a different approach. This time, apart from considering what you eat, you should also think about water consumption. If you drink plenty of water, it could affect your weight loss goals. It’s even better if you have a drinking water filtration system since it gives you access to clean water at all times.  To read an additional Berkey water filter review, check out the official website.

Water suppresses your appetite

When drinking water, your stomach will sense that it’s full. As a result, you won’t feel like eating a lot. It’s also possible for you to think that you’re hungry when in fact you’re just thirsty. Drinking water will address that concern and relieve you of that feeling of hunger. It’s best to drink a glass of water before you eat. It tricks your brain that you’ve already had enough and avoid eating a lot.

Water helps burn more calories 

A study revealed that when you drink more water, it increases your energy expenditure. You can burn an extra 3% of calories after about ninety minutes of drinking water. Even when you’re resting, the water you drank can help contribute in burning more calories.

It helps eliminate waste from your body

A dehydrated body will have a hard time remove waste in your body, including feces and urine. Your kidneys couldn’t function normally. It’s also the reason why you end up being constipated and you have hard stools. It’s even worse when you have diarrhea since you’re losing a lot of fluids. Drinking plenty of water helps you recover quickly. Regular bowel movement is crucial in your weight loss goals. It also prevents you from feeling and looking bloated. It makes you bigger than your actual size, and it’s definitely not what you want to see.

Water can eliminate your desire for other beverages 

You might think that you’re no longer thirsty each time you drink soda and other sweet beverage. Although they help you stay hydrated, they also contain sugar. It’s terrible for your weight loss goal. If you love drinking coffee, soda, juice and sprite drinks, you will gain weight even if you put on effort to lose it. If your body tells you that you’re thirsty, you have to grab a glass of water. Forget everything else. They might taste better, but they could derail your fitness goals. You shouldn’t justify your decision especially if you drink fruit juices and say that they contain nutrients too. Unless these are natural fruit juices without sweeteners and additives, you would rather stay away from them.

Water helps burn more fat

The reason why you keep gaining weight is due to the failure of your body to metabolize stored fat. In this process, lipolysis takes place first. It’s where water breaks down fats to produce fatty acids. If you’re dehydrated, it won’t easily happen. Apart from directly breaking down fat from the food you eat, water can also help break down stored fat.

You will have more energy when working out 

Working out isn’t easy. You have to push yourself to work harder if you want to see positive results. When you’re dehydrated, it’s easy for you to feel exhausted. You might even feel dizzy and confused. Instead of doing further exercise techniques, you decide to stop. The best thing to do is bring a reusable bottled water with you at all times. You can replenish the lost water in your body since you sweat a lot while exercising. Once you quench thirst, you will feel energized to continue working out. You can last longer in the gym and burn more calories in the process.

Another reason why you need to drink more water while working out is to reduce the risks of muscle cramps. Your muscles also need moisture to keep going. Without sufficient water, you will have cramps and it could be painful. It will prevent you from doing physical activities for a while. Instead of quickly achieving your fitness goals, everything slows down.

Final notes 

There’s no question about the importance of water in reaching your fitness goals. However, you should also remember this information to ensure that you will lose weight quickly.

* Ditch other drinks if possible. Stick with plain drinking water. Even if flavored juices and beverages taste good, they could have detrimental effects on your health. You can try fruit smoothies as long as you don’t add artificial sweeteners.

* You should also watch what you eat. Even if you drink plenty of water, it’s not enough for you to lose weight. If you’re not careful with your food consumption, you will gain more weight.

* Your activity level should also increase. Weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise. You can’t depend on water in breaking down fat in your body. It helps, but you still need to increase your fitness regimen.

* Apart from weight loss goals, drinking water is essential to avoid dehydration. Therefore, even if you’re not trying to lose weight, you should still drink plenty of water. Otherwise, you will suffer from health issues. If you experience signs of dehydration, you need to immediately drink a glass of water.

* Your recommended daily intake of water depends on your age, size, and health conditions. Although you hear people saying you should drink eight glasses of water a day, it might not be enough. You should drink more depending on those factors. Otherwise, you will still feel dehydrated.

Water plays a great role in helping you lose weight. It’s also important in your overall health. Your body is composed mostly of water, and you won’t survive without it. Don’t forget to check the cleanliness of the drinking water first. Use a water filter to guarantee that you’re drinking clean water without losing the important electrolytes and minerals.

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