Some interesting facts about dried Barberry every cook must know

Barberry are poetically called as red rubies because of their color, exotic origin and very interesting use. It is something sour or tangy in taste and is one of the most used toppings employed in wedding dinners. Idea behind using it in wedding feast meals is to remind the fact that life is not sweet always. 

Multiple uses of dried barberry

Barberry dried and canned has its wide utility in various kinds of preparations. This add-on or topping is useful in:

  • Adding tangy ingredient to pastries or wedding cakes
  • Spicing up pancakes 
  • Decorating Christmas cakes
  • Mixing in cocktails and mocktails to add tangy flavor
  • Adding sour taste to salads, ice creams, frozen desserts and cheese platter and so on
  • Pilafs and frittatas can be jeweled up with the dried barberries
  • Making stuffing for turkey, chicken breast, fishes
  • As a rubbing balm for lambs and porks
  • Decorating drinks for Christmas celebrations

Healthy properties of dried barberries

Imparting sour ingredient to dishes is not the sole aim of using dried barberries. These are quite known for their pain-killing properties too. Some users put dried barberries in warm water and soak feet in it when the most part of the day is spent standing on feet. Their anti-inflammatory properties make these barberries quite a reliable ingredient for making health-inducing concoctions.

These are quite rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Its cleansing property is useful in flushing toxins off the bladder, liver and gut.

Tips for storing and use

Barberries require storage in freezing temperatures for maintaining its fresh and vibrant look and tangy taste. 

Before using, the dried barberries need a little of soaking, frying or heating in warm water. It swells up these red rubies. When put after little processing, barberries release tangy flavor to the dishes one tries to achieve.

So, stock up dried barberries in your fridge when you want your dish to speak of the idea of occasional sourness in life and inspire people to celebrate low phases too. 


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