Planning Camping in Winter First Time – Know the Useful Tips

The winter season is considered the best time for camping as it includes cold weather, early morning, early night, snow-covered landscapes, warm fire, and preparing tasty food, which gives an outstanding experience to anyone.

What is winter camping?

For few people, winter camping is nothing but packing trailers of snowmobile, for some taking a cabin for rent which is heated with wood stove, while others feel it as grabbing and hauling the necessities for a location.

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The following are a few tips for people who are planning a camping the first time. These tips will help you in making your camping experience great.

Choose the right campsite

You have to choose the campsite wisely. Avoid places at the hilltop and bottom, where winds will be more. Choose a flat site, squeeze the snow and pitch the tent easily because compressed snow can insulate heat more compared to slack snow.

Wear fireproof shell

In case you are building a campfire for morale, warmth, or cooking, then use fire-resistant materials like wool to cover your outermost layer. Even, you can use lightweight fleece or down jackets to defend you from snow, rain, and wind.

Stay dry

Wet clothes can lower the body temperature quickly, so pack enough dry clothes. Also, pack gaiters and waterproof boots to trudge through the deeper snow. In case you want to hike over packed snow, then you can use hiking boots of waterproofing treatment.

Carry a sleeping bag, extra gloves, and hat

A layer over the top and 2 layers of the bottom are ideal to stay warm. A sleeping pad and bag liner give you great comfort and keep you above the frozen ground level. It is quite common to lose gloves or hats, so carry a spare of gloves and hat.

Carry a pee bottle

Cool-weather can make you pee more frequently; the body burns calories into heat if urine is stored in the bladder. So, carry a bottle to avoid inconvenience, especially during nighttime.

Dutch oven chili

Dutch oven chili is an amazing recipe to spend an evening at the campsite perfectly. This recipe is not only easy to prepare on the campfire but also it keeps your body warm.

All you is need minced beef (fattier cut beef), pork, chili peppers, chili powder, umami, and toppings including Fritos and cheddar cheese, fish sauce, diced onions, and more as per your taste to enhance the flavors of chili.

If you want to add an extra layer to the chili, experiment by searing beef in the Dutch oven. Once you sauté the vegetables, remove the cooked beef and put it in the bowl. You just need 30 minutes to cook the tasty Dutch oven chili.

Many sites offer various winter camping recipes, choose the best one, and note down or take a printout of the recipe to try during your winter camping.

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