Pate of Foie Gras is Creamier and Smoother Than Other Meat

Often people consider that pate is made only from foie gras. It is a misunderstanding because pate means a creamy paste that can be of any meat and not necessarily of foie gras. 

What is foie gras?

Foie gras is a French delicacy, which is enjoyed all over the world now. The ancient Romans invented it with geese meat and later the French took over. The Geese were overfed so that they gain weight tremendously. This would lead to the fatty liver which is used as a form of delicacy later. 

With time, goose became expensive and rarely available, so the French switched from goose to duck. The process remained the same, but the meat became slightly inexpensive. Now, various producers all over the world use human methods to produce foie gras. Still, foie gras will always remain a delicacy that is enjoyed in fine dining. 

Foie Gras Gourmet is a leading company of foie gras in France. They deal with small farmers to ensure that they receive the best quality product made with the natural process. Their foie gras has received various awards worldwide. They provide free shipping worldwide if the product costs a particular amount. Whether you want a bloc or paté of foie gras, they have all types of foie gras available from duck and goose. 

You get fresh, frozen, and canned foie gras in the market. Both are equally good, but fresh meat is healthier. There are various recipes made out of foie gras. You can roast, bake, grill, or steam it to use it in different recipes. They go well with any food and drink. However, the foie gras pate is a delicacy that is mostly enjoyed because of its creamy and velvety texture. 

What is Pate?

A pate is a mixture of different kinds of chopped meat normally pork liver, but other meats are also mixed in it. It also contains some seasonings, fats, vegetables, herbs, spices eggs, etc. Companies that manufacture pate, also add preservatives for longevity along with additives, flavours, and colourings. 

Note: A bloc of foie gras will contain foie gras as the main ingredient with some seasonings. 

What is Pate of foie gras?

Foie gras pate or pate de foie gras is prepared with foie gras meat, seasonings, and some fatty livers of other meat. However, the main ingredient will be foie gras. The texture of pate may vary with different meat, but with foie gras, it is more fluffy, creamier and velvety in texture compared to others. Foie gras doesn’t seem too greasy or oily so the pate also feels the same. Pate is rich in vitamin A and protein.

There is different seafood like lobster, salmon, cod, etc., and meats like pork, wild boar, deer, etc. If you make pate from these ingredients, each will taste different and their texture will vary. All pates are used on different occasions, but pate de foie gras is worth trying. It is a delicacy, which is enjoyed with all types of bread, crackers and snacks. 

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