Five Different Ways To Cook Potatoes

The plant eaten as a starchy vegetable, perfect for dinner. The right way to cook is paramount to perfection. Below are different trusted ways you can prepare your potato and enjoy its awesomeness;


This is bingo; the ‘here comes the bride’ method. My very best bon appetit way of cooking potatoes. Don’t mean to sound discriminating but they taste heavenly. However, russets are the best kind to bake. 

TO COOK: Wash potatoes with a scrub. Pierce with a  fork or paring knife and soak in saltwater and arrange properly on a rack. Keep the oven running at a 425°f and bake for 50-55 minutes. Your potatoes are ready. 

SUPPLEMENTS: Don’t wrap your potatoes in a foil to baked potato in oven. It takes a longer time for preparation and leaves the skin soggy. But after cooking, you can wrap them in foil to keep it warm. 


This is one of the tested safe ways to cooking potatoes, retains all its nutritional value of the potatoes alongside shape and color. Steamy potatoes are the reds, whites, purple, and yellow species. 

TO COOK: Use a basket style steamer. Cut your potatoes into desirable sizes and arrange them equally in a basket. Add a moderate amount of water in the lower pot. Increase heat and wait till potatoes are nesh. In absence of a basket steamer, repeat the same process with a strainer and a large pot. One major advantage of steaming is that it requires no fats and oil. 

SUPPLEMENTS: What goes down with steamed potatoes other than vegetables. Choose your veggies wisely and steam alongside your potatoes. You can also steam in a microwave but a cooker is preferable. 


Similar to steaming but different. This is a very indiscriminating way of cooking potatoes; open to all potato species. 

TO COOK: Wash and cut potatoes into smaller pieces (ready to serve sizes). Place your potatoes ij a salted water pot to boil for 20-30 minutes till they are ready for consumption. Reduce heat below the boiling point. 

  1. B: This procedure can be a bedrock for other preparation methods. In such cases, you would have to dry or you can return back to the pot under very low heat to remove excess moisture. 

SUPPLEMENT: Add butter or chives to sauce your pieces and serve with your favorite vegetable or meat. You can save the water to make gravy. 



Could be a long process but it’s kissing at the end. So yummylicious especially with delicious ingredients, enjoyable by many. All potatoes can be mashed but russets and whites do a better job. This is an extensive method of boiling. 

TO COOK: You can use it peeled or unpeeled. Follow the boiling process and place the potatoes in a large bowl, use a hand mixer to make smooth. Add milk, butter, salt, and pepper to taste and make fluffy. Everyone loves fluffy. 

SUPPLEMENTS: Don’t overbeat your potatoes when using an electric mixer to avoid sticky. There is no perfect recipe to mashed potatoes, be the mastermind of your cuisine. 


This procedure gives room for creativity. All potato types roast well. 

TO COOK: Cut potatoes into desirable sizes and arrange in a rack. Preheat oven to a 425°f. Cook for 35-45 minutes, when the potato skins are all browned and crispy. 

SUPPLEMENT: Brush-coat potato pieces on olive or almond oil before cooking to add flavor. Be spontaneous with your culinary skills and techniques; no limit. 


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