Everything You Need To Set Up Your Bakery

Investing in the proper equipment for your baking brings long-term benefits, such as durability, a guarantee from the supplier and simplification of processes within the kitchen. In addition to analysing their characteristics, make sure that all tools comply with sanitary standards.

Although second-hand equipment is a good option when you do not have a large budget, it is essential that you review your warranty, since it can save your business, especially when you are starting.

Within your business plan, you must include a list with all the tools and utensils that you will need, ordered from the most essential and expensive, to what is considered complementary and requires a smaller budget.


Among the necessary equipment you need to open a bakery is:



It is considered an essential piece of equipment for a bakery. Its size will depend on the size of your business and the production you have planned. For example, small convection ovens accommodate up to five trays, while double ones increase the number of pans and allow baking at different temperatures. Keep in mind that deck ovens are better for making artisan bread. You can get one from schaumburg specialties

Refrigerator / freezer

Another staple of every kitchen that should be at the top of your shopping list. A refrigerator helps keep items like milk, cream, and butter fresh, as well as preventing spoilage. It is also essential for storing finished cakes or, also, cookie dough.


This tool helps save time in the preparation process, as well as reduces labour. Look for one that refines flour, water, salt and yeast, and whose size adapts to the production you have planned.


With this machine, both liquids and dough are beaten and mixed. Ideally, you are looking for a mixer with at least three speeds, as well as with alloy steel gears, which extend its useful life.


In a kitchen, the more order and space to work there is, the better. Therefore, you must have at least one work table. These serve to place the ingredients while baking, as well as to put any finished product. You must choose the most resistant ones since they are used all the time, in addition to considering their height when buying them, to avoid back pain for bakers.


Cleaning in a bakery is essential. For this reason, you will need a pan with three modules: one to wash the dishes that your baker uses, another to rinse the rags and one more to wash their hands.


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