Cleaning The Plastic Food Containers Like A Pro

Plastic containers for storing leftovers are one of the biggest conveniences of the present-day world until you have to struggle with cleaning them. A plastic food container is a premium product (สินค้าพรีเมี่ยม, which is the term in Thai) for storing food and keeping it in good condition. However, cleaning them efficiently also counts, to keep them new.

Here are some of the best possible ways to clean plastic storage containers. 

Get Rid of The Stink

  • Consider dissolving 4 tbsps of baking soda in a quarter of lukewarm water.
  • Now, soak the container in the solution if they are small. If the containers you want to soak and clean is big, then try pouring the solution into the plastic container and keep it immersed for 30 minutes or until the smell is longer there. Now rinse properly under cold running water and pat them dry.

Is The Odor Bothering You, Still?

You can always stuff the plastic container with a crumbled newspaper and put it on the lid securely. Consider removing the newspaper after a couple of days. By this time, the paper must have absorbed the smell. Now wash the container along with the lid in lukewarm hot and soapy water. Now wipe them dry with a cloth.

Fight the Stubborn Stains

  • Make a solution of a tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach in one cup of warm water. Create sufficient solution so that when you pour it on the containers, it must completely get the container’s discolored portion covered.
  • Pour the mixture/solution into the plastic container. If you see the lid is also stained, place the lid flat at the sink bottom and pour some more of the bleach solution. Soak for some time and clean it.
  • Wash the plastic container along with the lid in lukewarm warm and soapy water and thereafter wipe them dry.

Make the Plastic Cleaning Easier From Next Time

  • To reduce staining, spritz the lids and containers with a non-stick cooking spray before you keep acidic foods inside of them.
  • Always see if the containers are microwave-friendly before you heat them. If they are not microwave-friendly, the plastic can result in degradation of the microwave and are more likely to retain the smell.

If you find your premium product like plastic containers and other similar items undergoing premature aging, then try these methods to eliminate the blemishes and stains rather than disposing of the containers away.

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