8 Tasty Sushi Toppings And Sauces

It’s official — sushi has gone mainstream. There are more than 4000 sushi restaurants in America alone to sate your tastebuds with!

If you’re new to the cuisine, you might be a little lost on what to order. The food is so incredibly different from any Western cuisine and you might not want to be too daring straight out the gate. That’s why we’ve put together our quick guide to the 8 tastiest sushi toppings and sauces.

  1. Maguro

Maguro means tuna. It’s a great place to start because if you’ve had tuna steak before, you’ve already eaten tuna basically raw. So it’s perfect for those new to sushi.

This beautiful cut of bluefin tuna is a red-purple with a meaty texture. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, chu-toro and o-toro are both great cuts from the belly of tuna. Both are buttery and soft in texture, as well as delicious. 

  1. Toro Salmon

Though salmon is a popular sushi topping now, it wasn’t always the case. However, toro salmon is one of the best authentic sushi toppings around.

Similar to above, this cut is from the fatty belly of the salmon and is very rich. It comes either raw or lightly grilled.

  1. Kampachi

Kampachi is a younger yellowtail fish. Sourced from the Honshu coast between summer and autumn, this fish is a beautiful cream color with pink edges. The flavor is mild and sweet.

Adult yellowtail is known as buri. It is a little denser than kampachi, with a subtle flavor. Kampachi, toro salmon, and maguro are all delicious when dipped in soy sauce.

  1. Shime Saba

Shime saba is marinated mackerel and is very popular in Japan. It is pickled after being caught using salt vinegar. It is a very unique and strong taste of both fish and salt, but very delicious.

  1. Ika

Getting a little more adventurous, you could try surume ika, a popular type of squid. This is often served with a shiso leaf too which has a mint flavor. The squid itself is soft in texture with a sweet, subtle seafood taste. 

  1. Hotate

Another popular seafood is hotate or scallops. These can come raw, grilled, or baked and are a very tasty sushi topping.

Like Ika, they have a subtle, sweet taste and pair well with citrus sauces like Ponzu.

  1. Uni

For the adventurous sushi eater, uni is a must!

Uni is the reproductive organs of a sea urchin and is considered a major delicacy in Japan. It is bright orange in color with a buttery flavor. It pairs well with spicy Wasabi sauce

  1. Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef isn’t a traditional Japanese sushi topping but it’s one of the best sushi toppings in our humble opinion. Wagyu beef is famous for its fatty marbling within the meat. It is very rich, tender, and savory.

It can come raw or in aburi style, which is grilled. It will often come with yakiniku sauce, a bold sesame sauce that is popular with meat dishes in Japan. For steak lovers, you’ll find it difficult to beat this delicious option. 

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Which Sushi Toppings Will You Pick?

There are so many delicious sushi toppings to try and a huge variety of sauces to pair with them. Whether you love fish, seafood, or red meat, you’re bound to find something you love.

We have lots more food guides and recipes for many cuisines available on our blog, so make sure to take a look for further inspiration.

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