3 Pizza Combo Deals to Feast Your Taste Buds With During the Lockdown  

There’s not a single worry in the world that a slice of well-cooked fresh pizza cannot solve. On top of that, there’s nothing better than getting a combo money-saving deal. If you’ve been craving for your favorite pizza during the odd hours of lockdown and the pandemic has brought down your spirits, the livraison Double Pizza house and the special combo deals it offers can certainly lift your taste buds and spirits, both. 

The best part about buying the pizza from this place is that they’re open for pickup until 9 PM daily and they also offer delivery services after 9:30 PM. So, you don’t have to curb your midnight hunger pangs anymore. That said, let’s take you through some of the amazing combo deals you can get your hands on! 

  • The Pickup Special 7 Days Deal 

A scrumptious large cheese or pepperoni pizza can be purchased at just 9.99$ only. A large all-dressed pizza is available at just 12.99$. 

  • The C2 Special Combo Deal 

This special deal offers full pizza meals for two. Available at just 24.99$, it offers any 2 medium pizzas of your choice, 1 medium packet of fries, and 1 2L bottle of Pepsi. You can order this deal online. It’s also possible to get the deal customized if you want to add more quantity. 

  • The Game Night Combo Deal

This is a slightly special combo meal that suits all special occasions. Whether it’s a soccer game you’re watching at home or you have your friends over for a night out, this is the right meal. Here’s what you get in just 24.99$ – any 1 large pizza of your choice, 1 chicken wings budget with 8 crispy pieces, 1 packet of small fries, and any 1 sauce of your choice. 

What’s more? 

They run a loyalty program for their online customers. For every 5 dollars that you’ll spend on their website, they will reward you with 1 point. When you collect 30 points, you can encash them to buy 1 large all dressed pizza from their website or pick any three toppings of your choice. 

To sum up, the delightful taste of pizzas is enhanced when it’s cooked with fresh ingredients by experienced chefs. Hence, pizza houses like livraison should be your priority since they value the health of their customers just as much as the taste of pizzas they cook.

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