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Smoked, Grilled or Barbecued Meat: What You Should Know Before Eating 

  Have you ever argued with a friend over grilling and barbecuing or smoking and grilling? Well, it’s quite common in places, where people from different regions come together to party over a plateful of smoked (barbecued or grilled) meat....


Did you know about Vegan Food?

Vegans generally do not eat any means for many reasons such as environmental, specific reasons or their health reason. Hence, vegan follows a particular diet chart, which is on plants, but some plants might put people at a dangerous part...


Everything you need to know about Malaysian cuisines

People find many regional differences in the cuisines of Malaysia as the northern portions of Malaysia combine Thai flavor to their food because of the southbound relocation of Thai people post their intermarriage with the local people. Minangkabaus from Sumatra...